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Real Estate Environmental Matters

Irvine Environmental Lawyer Assists with Real Estate Matters

Established attorney works to protect the value of clients’ properties

Even if it’s unfounded, any mention of an environmental hazard seriously threatens the value of a real estate parcel. Regardless of the specific circumstances, it’s important to take swift, effective action to address the situation and preserve the owner’s investment. At TransActionLaw, I draw on more than 30 years of legal experience helping clients to handle the various concerns that accompany a potential contamination problem. I know how to deal with government officials and private interests to assess environmental matters accurately and identify lasting solutions to protect your property investment.

Skillful advocate takes on remediation issues and contamination disputes

No matter the size of the property or the intended use, environmental concerns must be considered in any commercial real estate matter. My firm has the track record and resources to deal with federal and CalEPA regulations, community objections, issues that threaten to stop a transaction, and other problems that affect your property interests, such as:

  • Underground storage tanks — Underground fuel storage tanks can be a heavy burden on sites that have been used as service stations, convenience stores and even properties. One leak could trigger a remediation process that could go on for years. When this becomes a concern on a parcel that you own or are considering for purchase, I’ll develop a thorough assessment of any damage that has occurred, the potential ongoing threat, and ways to eliminate the problem.
  • Investigations by government authorities — In some instances, investigations by federal or state authorities drag on for an extended period, even if no contamination is ever found. My firm will press for fair treatment and responsive action from regulators so that baseless allegations do not depress your property’s value.
  • Remediation plans — If a genuine contamination or pollution issue is identified, I will negotiate with the relevant officials and private parties to reach appropriate remediation terms.

Potential environmental concerns that impact real estate rarely go away on their own. In an initial consultation, I’ll take the time to learn about the facts in your situation and outline what risks and opportunities might exist.

Contact a California lawyer for a consultation about a property contamination issue

William B. Brinckloe, Jr. of TransActionLaw represents California clients in environmental matters that affect their real estate interests. To schedule an initial consultation at my firm’s Irvine office, please call 949-668-1385 or contact me online.

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