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Office, Industrial and Retail Leases

Office, Industrial and Retail Leases Attorney Irvine CA

Knowledgeable representation for commercial landlord and tenant transactions in California

The importance of a business’s commercial space cannot be overstated. The suitability of the space to the company’s operations, the amenities available for employees and the manner in which the space represents the company to outsiders can have a very positive or negative effect. Likewise, the relationship between commercial landlords and tenants is extremely important and depends greatly on expectations established during lease negotiations and memorialized in the lease agreement. At TransActionLaw, I fully appreciate the need for detailed and unambiguous commercial leases drafted for my clients’ specific circumstances. I negotiate office, industrial and retail leases for landlords and tenants that provide security and allow my clients to prosper.

Restoring balance to commercial lease negotiations

Most commercial lease negotiations favor the landlord, if for no other reason than that the landlord presents the proposed lease, which has been drafted to favor the landlord. Certainly, when I represent landlords, I work diligently to obtain the best possible terms. But when I work on the tenant’s side, I am determined to protect the tenant’s interests. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in real estate transactions, I am able to negotiate on principle and from a position of strength. My knowledge of the real estate market provides leverage during discussions and enables me to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Meticulous attention to all areas of potential dispute

Commercial leases are complex instruments with various terms that take on different levels of importance depending on the nature of the space and the nature of the tenant’s business. My broad background as a commercial real estate attorney, assisting tenants in numerous industries allows me to negotiate appropriate terms for the full range of lease issues, including:

  • Permitted use
  • Amenities
  • Subleasing
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Security
  • Lease term and right to extend
  • Charges beyond base rent
  • Insurance and indemnity
  • Inspections
  • Termination
  • Relocation rights
  • Common area rights and obligations
  • Mortgaging of the leasehold estate

A poorly negotiated lease can put either party at a disadvantage and diminish a party’s chances of commercial success. Because I am determined to see your business prosper, I work tirelessly to secure the best terms possible for your commercial lease.

Contact TransActionLaw in Irvine for commercial lease negotiations.

To enhance your prospects of success as a commercial landlord or tenant, get advice and representation from a knowledgeable business attorney at TransActionLaw. To schedule a consultation, call 949-668-1385 or contact me online.

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