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Commercial Property Sales Transactions

Experienced Irvine CA Attorney Oversees Commercial Property Sales Transactions

Attention to detail removes impediments and yields positive results

When a commercial property sale goes right, both the buyer and seller can cash in on a tremendous opportunity. Unfortunately, there are many moving parts, and one small oversight can ruin the deal. To keep your potential goldmine from getting away, or worse yet, from turning into a money pit, you need trustworthy advice from a knowledgeable attorney. At TransActionLaw, I draw on more than 30 years of experience with commercial real estate transactions to assess every aspect of your deal. By performing meticulous due diligence, I safeguard your interests, empowering you to make a fully informed decision to go forward, renegotiate or withdraw from the deal. With TransActionLaw on your side, you can be confident that you have the best information possible to protect your rights and enhance your chances of business success.

Essential elements of a commercial property sale

Commercial real estate represents a significant investment. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you must seize the opportunity to make the most of the real estate exchange. This requires more than simply dickering over the price. You must also execute a detailed contract specifying each party’s rights, obligations and liabilities. I provide comprehensive assistance with all legal tasks related to commercial property transactions, which include:

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing sales contract provisions
  • Assembling and vetting all necessary transfer documents
  • Negotiating the purchase price
  • Negotiating buyers’ contingencies
  • Negotiating loan terms and reviewing lender documents
  • Resolving title issues
  • Reviewing inspections
  • Reviewing commercial tenant leases
  • Reviewing all contracts related to the property
  • Reviewing land use compliance and permitting
  • Reviewing environmental reports
  • Reviewing seller representations and warranties
  • Closing

Obviously, a complex transaction takes time, and time is money. It’s certainly not in your interest to run up legal bills on a deal that ultimately turns sour. That’s another reason it’s important to work with an experienced Irvine commercial real estate attorney who can properly prioritize tasks, spot obstacles and take decisive steps to resolve issues as they come up. When you retain my services, you also get my commitment to client service, which means I am accessible when you need me, and I keep you apprised of any significant developments that could affect the course of the deal.

Precontract commitments for commercial property sales

Because of the preliminary expenses for both sides, parties to a commercial property transaction must operate in good faith to make the deal work. I draft letters of intent outlining the principal points of the deal. I also draft confidentiality agreements that protect the seller’s proprietary information about the property by restricting the buyer’s ability to disclose that information to other than the necessary parties, such as engineers, architects, accountants and environmental experts. When parties commit to the process and respect each other’s rights, the process is on track to a successful conclusion.

Contact TransActionLaw in Irvine for your commercial property purchase or sale.

William B. Brinckloe, Jr. founded TransActionLaw to provide clients with trustworthy advice and determined representation through every step of a commercial real estate transaction. To schedule a consultation, call 949-668-1385 or contact me online.

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